GeoTour Passport – Launch Weekend Only

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The following items are available based on your selection:

  • Promotional Edition: This will be available for sale on the website and will ship out via USPS with tracking.
  • Completion Edition: This will be available only to Geocachers who have completed the GeoTour for a small fee, and will be continually produced and made available for the life of the GeoTour! This will ship out via USPS with tracking.
  • Special Edition: This will be available only to Geocachers who finish the GeoTour during the launch weekend OR Geocachers that attend the planned 2021 event and have completed the GeoTour at any time. The coin will be available at the 2021 event to pick up or will ship out after the event for Geocachers that finished the GeoTour on the launch weekend but could not make the 2021 event.
  • T-Shirt: This shirt will be made to order in your size and fit, then shipped right to you!

Shipping is included!

GeoTour Geocoin Special (free) Edition

Available for free on the Launch Weekend and to the 2021 Event Attendees.

GeoTour Geocoin Completion Edition

GeoTour Geocoin Promotional Edition

GeoTour Shirt


GeoTour Shirt

Fit and Size

Standard – X-Small, Standard – Small, Standard – Medium, Standard – Large, Standard – X-Large, Standard – 2XL, Standard – 3XL, Standard – 4XL, Standard – 5XL, Standard – 6XL, Tall – Large, Tall – X-Large, Tall – 2XL, Tall – 3XL, Tall – 4XL, Women's – X-Small, Women's – Small, Women's – Medium, Women's – Large, Women's – X-Large, Women's – 2XL, Women's – 3XL, Women's – 4XL