Launch Weekend Information

The information and special opportunities for people enjoying the Launch Weekend, Aug 15th and 16th 2020.


We love to bring new and exciting adventures and opportunities to the Geocaching Community. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not hosting an event in the interest of the health and safety of Geocachers and the broader community. We are asking that you use your best decision making before you decide on whether to travel for the launch weekend of this new GeoTour. If you do decide to travel to Owensboro for the launch weekend please follow all of the standard COVID-19 social distancing and health-related guidelines.

AFK and/or Visitor’s Bureau will NOT be hosting any gatherings, hangouts, get-togethers, or other types of events during the launch weekend. There is a state wide limit of 10 people per group.

Current Kentucky Pandemic Regulations:

  • Face masks and social distancing are legally required in Kentucky.
  • Kentucky has Travel Advisories and Restrictions as of July 20, 2020.
  • Event Restrictions: For anyone looking to gather as a group or hold unpublished/unofficial events/gatherings. As of July 20, 2020, there is a limit of 10 people for any non-commercial mass gatherings in Kentucky.

Thank you for your support and understanding,
-BBB GeoTour Team


For your GeoTour Passport, you will need to collect the tracking code of the trackable on the back of the GeoTour informational sign posted near the Geocache.

  • You may log these trackables as well! But keep the trackable’s private tracking code as that will be your codeword to enter into the digital online passport.

Launch Weekend Passport is no longer available, use the main Passport.

Geocoins and Swag

We will be offering SWAG and Geocoins to help support and promote the GeoTour and the upcoming 2021 Event. The Geocoin will come in 3 planned versions:
#1 Promotional Edition: This will be available for sale on the website and will ship out via USPS with tracking.

#2 Completion Edition: This will be available only to Geocachers who have completed the GeoTour for a small fee, and will be continually produced and made available for the life of the GeoTour! This will ship out via USPS with tracking.

#3 Special Edition: This will be available only to Geocachers who finish the GeoTour during the launch weekend OR Geocachers that attend the planned 2021 event and have completed the GeoTour at any time. The coin will be available at the 2021 event to pick up or will ship out after the event for Geocachers that finished the GeoTour on the launch weekend but could not make the 2021 event.

Note: Geocoin Versions #1 & #2 will finish production and be ready to ship 6-8 weeks after the launch weekend. Version #3 will only be available at the 2021 event or will ship out within 2 weeks after the event if not picked up.